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Why Should You Consider Winter Tires?

Simply put, there's nothing "all-season" about all-season tires when you're driving around New England. The certified Subaru service center here at Rutland Subaru is your place for winter tire service in Rutland, Vermont. We both sell and service snow tires on all makes and models, including your all-wheel-drive (AWD) Subaru. We can install, align, and balance your snow tires efficiently, so you can get back out on the road and drive with confidence, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Winter Tire Menu

This is just a representative sample, we offer all major tire brands at equally impressive prices.  Please contact us for more info.

  Sumitomo Ice Edge
Yokohama Ice Guard
Hakkapeliitta R3
`12-`19 Impreza Premium205/55R16$76.84$103.96$143.51
`12-`19 Impreza Sport205/50R17$87.01$113.00$174.02
`13-`17 Crosstrek225/55R17$89.27$110.74$174.02
`09-`13 Forester225/55R17$89.27$110.74$174.02
`14-`18 Forester225/60R17$91.53$109.61$152.55
`10-`14 Outback225/60R17$91.53$109.61$152.55
`15-`19 Outback225/65R17$96.05$110.74$145.77
`15-19 Outback Premium225/60R18$99.44$146.90$193.23
 `19 Ascent Base
 245/60R18 $105.09$140.12$203.40
  `19 Ascent Premium 245/50R20$136.73$167.24$236.17
  `19 Forester 225/55R18$110.74$149.16$188.71

*Prices are for tires.  Mounting, balancing and installation cost additional.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Tires

Do I need winter tires?

Changing out your summer tires for winter tires is imperative to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Like sneakers on icy sidewalks, summer tires simply are not intended for travel in wintery conditions. Their tread depth and compounds will not give you traction in extreme cold temperatures or on slushy or icy roads. Winter can also take a serious toll on the lifespan of you summer tires, meaning you'll have to replace them a lot sooner than anticipated.

Not only will switching to snow tires in the winter extend the life of your summer set, but they will also provide superior grip at temperatures below 45 degrees in both wet and dry conditions.

My Subaru has all-season tires, why do I need snow tires?

All season tires are a compromise between summer heat and winter cold and are not optimum for either season.  True winter tires are made with special soft rubber compounds and have an aggressive tread design.  In a moderate climate all seasons are acceptable, but they're not recommended for Vermont.

How are winter tires different than summer or all-season tires?

Snow tires have unique tread rubber compounds and deeper tread patterns for optimum flexibility and grip in low temperatures. They are also designed to channel snow and slush away from the tire's surface, improving traction on slippery surfaces.

Subaru Forester SUV on snowy road

Are studded tires better on ice?

 Yes.  But not much better than a premium winter tire and they far worse on dry payment.  And they are very noisy, offer a rough ride and wear down our roads.  We don't recommend them and will not sell them.

Why do I need winter tires with an all wheel drive vehicle?

The only connection between your vehicle and the Earth, is a small contact patch.  With improper tires, even an AWD vehicle can lose traction and have difficulty stopping in winter conditions.  While the Subaru all wheel drive system may get you going with all season tires, it will do very little when you need to stop.  The ABS system will sense the wheel skidding and will pulse the brakes, substantially increasing stopping distances.  Further, steering on curvy slippery roads requires tires with grip, or the momentum of your 3,000+ Subaru will want to continue in a straight line.

Can I just buy two winter tires?

Regardless of whether your vehicle is two- or all-wheel drive, we recommend always changing into a full set of winter tires. Mounting only two means you out on the traction that comes with four, especially when they're only mounted on the front axle. Even with a RWD vehicle, the front wheels are still used to steer, so it's imperative that all four tires benefit from the same superior grip provided by snow tires.

Can I use winter tires year-round?

Driving on winter tires in the summer will cause them to wear out faster. They are only designed for optimum performance in extreme cold, wet and cold, dry conditions. Once spring settles in, have the professionals here at Kinney Subaru change out winter tires for your summer set.

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