Compare the Subaru Legacy to the Toyota Camry in Rutland, VT

When it comes to driving around the Middlebury, Bennington and Manchester areas of southern Vermont, or really anywhere throughout New England and the northeast, nothing beats a Subaru. Standard AWD, rugged and adventurous styles and a dedication to safety makes any Subaru a smart choice, and our dealership serving Lebanon, NH and Glens Falls, NY has some great options for you to choose from. One of our many favorites is the new Subaru Legacy, a midsized sedan that really matches up well against the competition.

If you're set on a sensible family sedan that you can use for both commuting and driving your loved ones around in, chances are you'll be compelled to test drive the latest Toyota Camry, one of the segment's leading sellers and even a popular choice here in Vermont. But for the best value and setup, choose the new Legacy, and after reading this comparison with the new Camry, visit our Rutland, VT Subaru dealership today for a quick test drive.


New Subaru Legacy vs Toyota Camry Comparison in Rutland, VT

  • While you can get away with limited cabin and cargo space in a smaller commuter, a midsized sedan ought to provide ample room for both passengers and all your stuff. With that in mind, you'll appreciate how the Legacy carries about five cubic-feet more of passenger space than the Camry, with the Subaru sedan also providing a larger truck space than the Toyota alternative. 

  • The advantage pretty much every Subaru, including the Legacy, has over any competing sedan like the Camry, is the standard AWD system that's crucial for Vermont driving. The Camry, for all its qualities, doesn't offer AWD, which could be dicey during the snowiest winters around here.
  • Starting prices for these sedans show that the Camry will cost you more, but the Legacy includes more standard and lower trim level tech systems, while Toyota's midsized sedan commands a much higher cost for features like dual-zone climate control, dual USB ports and an 8-inch touchscreen.