Whether it's an old-school Outback station wagon or a recent model year edition of the Crosstrek, Impreza or Ascent, you know your Subaru is going to last long and withstand the rigors of the road better than most other kinds of vehicles. That said, driving a Subaru around the Rutland area and throughout southern Vermont and New England adds extra wear and tear, whether it's from ice, snow and salt in the wintertime, or just from driving along dirt roads regularly. With that in mind, consider the extra protection provided by the unique Subaru Added Security program, which goes above and beyond your vehicle's standard warranty coverage.

While the standard warranty coverage for your new Subaru that you've bought here in Rutland will take care of minor issues, those are things in the first three years or 36,000 miles of ownership that usually don't require much attention. By buying additional Subaru Added Security, you'll extend that warranty coverage and take care of systems like your AWD, cooling and heating and technology that might experience some issues after many more miles and years on the road.

As you consider this kind of coverage, we'll work that plan into your new Subaru loan when you go through the financing process with us here in Rutland. Though your Subaru is built to last, having important parts and systems covered through this affordable plan might end up saving you considerably when it comes to service costs, and when it comes time to eventually trade in your Outback, Forester or Legacy. We have all sorts of additional plans and we'll cater your coverage to your specific needs and plans moving forward.

Head over to Rutland Subaru today and we'll be more than happy to help you find the right kind of protection coverage for your new vehicle.

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